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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/1/2016

about the murderers in kindaichi case files

I readed a few cases (for now) and just like detective conan the culprits a HUGE amount of culprits are sympathetic and remorseful, even though I hate crime that does not mean I hate the culprits, and I feel deeply sorry for them with all my heart, and I wish the law will be fair and humane to them, when I see their sad faces it makes me feel sad for them either if their motives are justified or not, I hope you understand that because if you do it will mean that you're golden-hearted people.
ps: and the best part is kindaichi showing his sympathy towards them, and tells them to be strong.
conan edogawa/shinichi kudo should learn from hajime kindaichi.
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• 11/19/2015

Volume/Chapters Article format discussions

Hello everyone!
Right now i am currently deciding on how will the volume and chapters articles format should be.
Since the manga has different titles (e.g: File and Case series.) I need help deciding which format should i use.
Either we can just title it "Volume 1" and put all the File and Case series files in there. or as a seperate article for each series.
UPDATE: I have rolled out a new update in the manga article. A tabber is added.
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• 12/13/2014

Hallo. I would like to edit the mainpage

I am a fan of the live action of kindaichi and would really love to help with this wiki. Can I change the main page. I love editing and programming to have a look on what's it will be like visit
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• 11/26/2014

Welcome to the Kindaichi Case Files Wiki

Hello everyone,
I would like to say hello to all those who have and will be participating in the Kindaichi Wiki. I started this Wiki back in 2011 (Time has flown by) in hopes of getting the public more aware of the Kindaichi series. Due to school (and my lack of ability to write good wikis) this wiki has been moving along at a snails pace. But I have noticed that more people have been coming to this wiki and slowly but surely, more content is being added. I would like to say thank you to all of the contributors! Without you guys, this wiki would still be empty. Please feel free to make any edits to the wiki and it would be great if we could get an active community going (so please contribute to the forums and chat as well).
Thank You!
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