• Averiah

    Anime Case Ranking

    April 16, 2020 by Averiah

    Only ranking anime cases. (I read plenty of the manga but a lot of it is still untranslated). I'm also only taking into account the anime and not the manga (in case there are differences). This contains SPOILERS of tricks, murderers and everything else.

    The short cases are usually in the Decent category because it's easy the entertain for one episode, but you won't get great tricks, developped characters, legends or eery backstories for most of those cases. On the other end, it's also harder to be boring in a single episode. If a short case is not in Decent, it's because it's either better than the usual short case or worse.

    Also the second season of Returns is not included (Yet)

    As always, it's subjective. From top to bottom (and with some c…

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  • The Mystery Fan

    Total Death Count :

    Different Causes of Death

    - Beaten : 111111111111

    - Crushed : 1

    - Strangulation : 1111

    - Stabbing :1111

    - Poisoning : 1

    - Shot : 111

    - Burning : 

    - Falling :

    - Suicide : 1111

    - Drowning :

    - illness : 1

    - Unknown : 1

    (until Broken Heart Lake Mutder Case so far)

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  • The Mystery Fan

    This blog is used to create fan created cases. Feel free to add your own content.

    For example :


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  • The Mystery Fan

    Just use this blog as a starting point for the conclusion section in every case. 

    Feel free to add anything related to the topic

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  • Donkeykongcountry1994

    Just like Detective Conan Kindaichi Case Files has a huge amount of murderers (A lot of them sympathetic), I sympathize with the sympathetic* ones because they had a traumatic and troubled past that made them the way they are, and I can't help but feeling sorry for them, even though this does not excuse murder I still sympathize with them and I hope justice can help them to rebuild their broken lifes because this is the best way to help the families of the victims who their lifes are broken too.

    • with broken lifes and with sad and traumatic motives.
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