• The Mystery Fan

    Total Death Count :

    Different Causes of Death

    - Beaten : 111111111111

    - Crushed : 1

    - Strangulation : 1111

    - Stabbing :1111

    - Poisoning : 1

    - Shot : 111

    - Burning : 

    - Falling :

    - Suicide : 1111

    - Drowning :

    - illness : 1

    - Unknown : 1

    (until Broken Heart Lake Mutder Case so far)

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  • The Mystery Fan

    This blog is used to create fan created cases. Feel free to add your own content.

    For example :


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  • The Mystery Fan

    Just use this blog as a starting point for the conclusion section in every case. 

    Feel free to add anything related to the topic

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  • Donkeykongcountry1994

    Just like Detective Conan Kindaichi Case Files has a huge amount of murderers (A lot of them sympathetic), I sympathize with the sympathetic* ones because they had a traumatic and troubled past that made them the way they are, and I can't help but feeling sorry for them, even though this does not excuse murder I still sympathize with them and I hope justice can help them to rebuild their broken lifes because this is the best way to help the families of the victims who their lifes are broken too.

    • with broken lifes and with sad and traumatic motives.
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