Dark Castle Murder Case
Ankokujou Satsujin Jiken (Manga) (Title)
Japanese Name 暗黒城殺人事件
Romanized Ankoku-jou Satsujin Jiken
Type Short Case - 20th Anniversary Series
Case Number 22
Date Released 6 June 2012 - 20 June 2012
Length 3 Chapters
Characters 7 People (3 Man & 4 Women)
Death 1 People (1 Man)
Location Dark Castle Event - Tokyo
Murderer's Alias Unnamed
Last Case Murder at 10000 Meter Altitude
Next Case Why The Fireplace is Burning?

Dark Castle Murder Case is first short case in Kindaichi Case Files : 20th Anniversary Series.



Dark Castle Murder Case Characters
Main Characters
Hajime Kindaichi (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Miyuki Nanase (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Isamu Kenmochi (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait)
Hajime Kindaichi Miyuki Nanase Isamu Kenmochi
Suspect List
Harue Ayakawa (Portrait) Rokuro Kujiragi (Portrait) Ryu Kageshima (Portrait) Akari Kageshima (Portrait)
Harue Ayakawa Rokuro Kujiragi Ryu Kageshima Akari Kageshima
Natsuki Karino (Portrait) Takeshi Kirimori (Portrait) Ran Kirimori (Portrait)
Natsuki Karino Takeshi Kirimori Ran Kirimori
Other Characters
Sota Murakami (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Makoto Makabe (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Takenori Okamachi (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Miyahiko Kyotani (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait)
Sota Murakami Makoto Makabe Takenori Okamachi Miyahiko Kyotani
Tadano (Dark Castle Murder Case Portrait) Sachiko Kirimori (Portrait)
Tadano Sachiko Kirimori

Suspect List


First Case

Takeshi Kirimori's Dead Body (Manga)
Case Type
Cause of Death
Dark Castle Event, Tokyo


Related Case

Case Type
Cause of Death
Carbon-dioxide inhalation

Ran Kirimori is the culprit behind the death of Takeshi, her stepfather. Using the mosquito sound ringtone, which cannot be heard by anyone above the age of 20, Ran managed to pinpoint Takeshi's location within the darkness and stabbed him to death with a poison syringe. It is revealed that Takeshi, who is a con-artist, murdered Ran's mother Sachiko and disguised the crime as a suicide in order to claim her fortune shortly after their marriage. As the police was unable to bring Takeshi to justice despite the clear motive, Ran decided to take the matter into her own hands and avenged her mother.

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