Eiji Tono
Kanji 遠野 英治
Romaji Toono Eiji
Age 18
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation 3rd Year Fudo High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Keiko Koizumi (sister)

Ageha Maderame (wife)

Manga/Light Novel File 06 Broken Heart Lake Legend Murder Case

Toono Eiji

A Fudo High School student. First appeared in "The Legend of Lake Hiren". He committed a series of murders in an attempt to punish the person who failed to rescue his lover during the sinking of the Oriental passenger liner. He escaped by motorboat and appeared to perish in the motorboat explosion.

One year later, Kindaichi, Miyuki and Yosuke were surprised to find him alive whilst working as a staff in "The Undying Butterflies". The Eiji lookalike is now called Hikage Miyama (深山 日影 Miyama Hikage?), the name given to him by Shimon Madarame, due to his suffering from amnesia. He eventually marries Ageha Madarame, one of the major characters as well as murder survivors in "The Black Butterfly of Death Murder Case" and starts a new life.


  • Name: Toono Eiji (遠野英治)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Relatives: Keiko Koizumi (sister, deceased)
  • Identity: "Jason", murderer.


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Do not move the third grade high school students, sad love Lake killings. Orphaned at an early age, Tono and sister Koizumi respectively adopted, but the sister had deformed the edge of love, but Koizumi crash death in Vostok luxury liner, Tohno see sisterhands S.K on the key, that is the name with S.K who pushed her into the sea and drowned, Tohno vowed revenge. So called, was in the passenger ships, the name with S.K the rest come to Nagano sad love lake, ready to slaughter them all, under the guise of "Jason" name, killing a total of 4 people, but they are not his real target, a little after the case, Tohno boats blew, missing...... Then a look as like as two peas and Tono named deep shadow man, small, Miyuki and Iki Yousuke to Jin Ze look, this is the beginning of "Black Death Butterfly Murders", but this is not the name of the mountains in the shadow of man, he eventually embrace get beauty. Although there is no direct evidence, but burns, amnesia and Tono anastomosis time, and voice and appearance is the same, probably because of amnesia, Kindaichi acquiesced, let him. So presumably Tono - "Miyama Hikage".

Sad love Lake Legend Killer Gold farmland one instead of Miyuki cousin into "sad love lake leisure tourism" team, but the brutal murderers " Jason "The fugitive message, the pedestrian has cast a shadow in the psychology. The only entrance bridge was burned, become closed love lake will launch a field full of the smell of blood meal. The Black Death Butterfly Murders In "sad love Lake legend murder case" in the missing Toono Eiji still alive? Gold farmland one in order to find out the truth, traveled to Jinze to visit spot at. There are many legendary luminous butterflies flying spot target yard. Then a series of "dead butterfly" in the name of the murder!


His epithet Jason is based on the famous slasher Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th franchise.