Kengo Akechi
Kengo Akechi
Kanji 明智 健悟
Romaji Kengo Akechi
Birthday January 14
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5ft 11 (180 cm)
Weight N/A
Eyes Brown
Hair Silver
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features N/a
Professional Status
Occupation Elite Detective (Superintendent)
Previous Occupation College Professor
Partner Kenmochi
Previous Partner Julia (Los Angeles Police Department)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga/Light Novel Snow Yaksha Legend Murder Case
Anime Wax Doll Castle Murder Case
First appearing in "Death TV", he is presented as an arrogant and snobbish character that becomes a rival to Kindaichi in crime-solving. However, Akechi (indeliberately) not only helped Kindaichi solve the case, but also aided him out of trouble. His relationship to Kindaichi is abrasive at the least, but they have an unspoken mutual respect for each other's abilities. He often compares the crimes in Japan to his experience in Los Angeles. In "The Magical Express", it's revealed that he met Reiko Chikamiya before her death, and this eventually helps Kindaichi solve the case. In "Murder at Hell's School", (disguised as a math teacher) he claimed that he had actually been a teacher in a very famous prep-school for three years. His name may be a reference to the classic Japanese detective Kogoro Akechi created by Edogawa Rampo.


He has silver hair, glasses, and is usually seen wearing a light yellow coat and matching pants. He is tall and considered fairly attractive. During his years in high school and university, he is popular amongst both girls and guys.


Defined as an overachiever, Akechi is first seen as an intelligent yet prideful character who seems to consider himself superior to others, including Hajime upon their first encounter in the "Snow Yaksha Legend Murder Case". However, after Hajime pointed out his unscrupulous haughtiness which later became his fatal flaw because the real murderer of case led his investigation to the dead end. After that, both parties still hold unofficial rivalry but his attitude becomes less hostile and more playful instead. Akechi is also willing to Hajime in time of need and become his unexpected ally when difficult occurences arise.

In the spin-off " The Akechi Case Files", Akechi tends to add prideful details about himself as well as his past achievements on his backstories. He is a excellent chess player, fencer, violinist, and riddle solve (no matter how difficult the riddle really is). Kenmochi and other officers often badmouth about him behind his back. However, he does not seem to care and in fact, playfully repeats their gossip before everyone ashamedly goes back to work.


He is stronger than Hajime physically.


Akechi is proficient in English and French

He is also known to be the God of Entrance Exams in The File of Young Kindaichi R


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