The Manga is written by Yōzaburō Kanari (File and Case series) and Seimaru Amagi (Other series) and illustrated by Fumiya Satō. The Manga is published by Kodansha while the manga is published by Tokyopop in North America.

Note: In the Tokyopop version Kindaichi the killer was broken up into two parts.

The File series

  1. The Opera House Murder Case                     animated version : Yes
  2. Western-style Village Murder Case                   animated version : No
  3. Snow Yaksha Legend Murder Case                   animated version : Yes
  4. School's Seven Mysteries Murder Case            animated version : Yes
  5. Isle of Hidden Tresure Murder Case                   animated version : Yes
  6. Legend of Broken Heart Lake Murder Case       animated version : Yes
  7. Western-style Hotel Murder Case                       animated version : Yes
  8. Head Hanging School Murder Case                    animated version : No
  9. Headless Samurai Murder Case                          animated version : Yes
  10. Kindaichi The Killer                                               animated version : Yes                                     
  11. Tarot Mountain Hut Murder Case                        animated version : Yes
  12. Castle of Wax Murder Case                                 animated version : Yes
  13. Gentleman Thief The Killer                                  animated version : Yes
  14. Graveyard Island Murder Case                            animated version : Yes
  15. Magical Express Murder Case                             animated version : Yes
  16. The Black Butterfly of Death Murder Case         animated version : Yes
  17. French Silver Coin Murder Case                          animated version : Yes
  18. Demon God Archaeological Site Murder Case    animated version : Yes
  19. Reika Hayami Kidnapping Murder Case               animated version : Yes

Case Series

  1. Murder in the Forest of the Demon Dog                animated version : Yes
  2. Demon Killer from Projection Screen                    animated version : Yes
  3. Amakusa Treasure Legend Murder Case              animated version : Yes
  4. Yukikage Village Murder Case                        animated version : Yes
  5. Russian Dolls Murder Case                       animated version : Yes
  6. Bizzare Circus Murder                             animated version : Yes
  7. Young Kindaichi's Trip of Death Preparedness    animated version : Yes

Short Series

  1. Murderous Intention Under Freezing 15 Degrees  animated version : Yes
  2. Who Killed the Goddess?                                         animated version : Yes
  3. Supt.Akechi's Case Files                                          animated version : Yes
  4. 1/2 Murderer                                                               animated version : Yes
  5. Murder in Christmas Eve                                          animated version : Yes
  6. Murder in Mirror Labyrinth                                       animated version : Yes
  7. Fumi Kindaichi Kidnapping Case                            animated version : Yes
  8. Young Akechi's Magnificent Case Files                  animated version : Yes
  9. Fumi Kindaichi's Adventure                                     animated version : Yes
  10. Ransom disappears in the Snows                           animated version : Yes
  11. Alibi in the Film                                                          animated version : Yes
  12. Murder Restaurant                                                     animated version : Yes
  13. Murder in Bloodstained Pool                                    animated version : Yes
  14. Ghost School Murder Case                                       animated version : Yes
  15. Mystery of Instant Disappearance                           animated version : Yes
  16. Challenge from the Gentleman Thief                       animated version : Yes
  17. Gunshots at 04:40 a.m                                              animated version :  No
  18. Magic Sabre Poisonous Bee Murder Case              animated version : No
  19. Female Doctor's Bizarre Plot                                    animated version : No

Shin (New) Series

  1. Vampire Legend Murder Case                                    animated version : Yes
  2. Opera House The Third Murder                                  animated version : Yes
  3. Jail Gate Private School Murder Case                        animated version : Yes
  4. Snow Spirit Legend Murder Case                               animated version : No
  5. Reika Hayami and the Uninvited Guest                      animated version : Yes
  6. Chidamari's Room Murder Case                                  animated version : Yes
  7. Fudō High School Festival Murder Case                    animated version : No
  8. Black Magic Murder Case                                             animated version : Yes
  9. Murder Committed by Inspector Kenmochi                 animated version : Yes
  10. Kindaichi Case Files Junior High School Student       animated version : Yes
  11. Alchemy Murder Case                                                    animated version : Yes
  12. Murder at 10000 Metre Altitude                                      animated version : Yes
  13. House of Games Murder Case                                      animated version : Yes

20'th Anniversary Series

  1. Human-Eater Laboratory Murder Case                         animated version : No
  2. Kowloon Hong Kong Treasure Murder Case               animated version : Yes
  3. Dark Castle Murder Case                                               animated version : No
  4. Rosicrucian Mansion Murder Case                               animated version : Yes

Returns (R)

  1. Snow Goblin Legend Murder Case                              animated version : No
  2. Ghost School Building Murders                                   animated version : No
  3. The Drifting Firefox Murder Case                                animated version : No
  4. Kengo Akechi's Student Case Files                             animated version : No
  5. Antlion Moat Murder Case                                           animated version : No
  6. Bloodthirsty Cherry Blossom Murder Case                  animated version : No
  7. Why The Fireplace is Getting On?                              animated version : No
  8. Doll Island Murder Case                                              animated version : No

The Akechi File Series

  1. The First Case of Young Akechi/Farewell, My Dear Friend        animated version : Yes
  2. Quartet with Intent to Kill/The Perfect Violinist, Akechi              animated version : Yes
  3. Ghost Swordman Murder Case/The Pride Murder                       animated version : Yes
  4. Testimony Puzzle/The Murder Train                                             animated version : Yes
  5. Killing Poker/Unlucky Men in the Rain                                         animated version : Yes
  6. Dead Person's Checkmate/The Great Chess Player, Akechi     animated version : Yes
  7. Ghost Hotel Murder Case/The Encounter                                    animated version : No                

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