Nanase Miyuki
Kanji 七瀬美雪
Birthday November 24
Gender Female
Eyes brown
Hair brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Partner Hajime Kindaichi
Personal Status
Status Alive

Miyuki is Hajime's best friend and also his love interest.


Miyuki was first featured in Episode 1 when she comes to scold Hajime for skipping classes, not studying, etc. Her friends comment that why a excellent student like Miyuki should be friends with a slacker like him. In the first case, Miyuki is hit on the head and admitted to the hospital. Hajime gives up the case stating that Miyuki is more important to him than anything. But Kenmochi fills him with wisdom words and Hajime solves the case for Miyuki's sake. From there onwards, she accompanies him in all most all adventures.

Appearance & Personality

Miyuki has a tall, slender body.  She has brown hair and brown eyes. Due to her beauty, many male characters tend to hit on her, much to Hajime's dismay. She has a strong personality where she helps people in need and is the hope which Hajime clings onto when in disarray. Even though she spends time with other guys, she still loves Hajime. They lead a carefree life where Hajime thinks of pervert things about Miyuki and Miyuki keeps hitting, slapping or scolding him.


Miyuki is "Hajime-chan"'s childhood friend and next-door neighbor, though many question why a model student like Miyuki is friends with a slacker like him. Deep down inside, Miyuki feels Hajime is not an idiot, and they seem to have a love that neither has yet fully expressed.

Her birthday is November 24, as stated in "The Murderer From the Screen". She possesses remarkable logic and perception, as demonstrated by her 'filling in' for him to solve a murder mystery in the live-action series while the latter was being warded for appendicitis, although she is obviously not as gifted as he is.

Miyuki is the president of Fudo High's student council. Miyuki was first introduced to the Mystery Club by Ruiko Sakuragi along with Hajime, she serves as the president of the Mystery Club after Sakuragi's death.


Miyuki as she appears in the manga.


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