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Miyuki Nanase (Neo Drama)
Birthday November 24
Gender Female
Eyes brown
Hair black
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Status Alive

Miyuki Nanase is played by Haruna Kawaguchi in the Kindaichi Shonen No Jikenbo Neo Live Action adaptation of the Kindaichi series.


Miyuki is the seatmate of Hajime Kindaichi and his childhood friend. She is also the object of Kindaichi's love. As a member of the Mystery club, she often gets involve with mysteries and crimes. She is also a very intelligent student that can answer various hard questions


Understanding and caring, when she first met Karusawa from the Films Study club, she felt sympathy towards him and believed until the very end that he was not the murderer but a victim.

Films Study Member

For a short while in the first episode of the live action, she was invited by Karusawa to be the lead actress of his upcoming short film. She acted as a student who dreams of becoming the main actress of a stage production. She accepted the invitation due to her anger at Kindaich who told her that her breast is only A and that she is a disappointing woman.