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Yosuke Itsuki
Kanji いつき陽介 (いつき ようすけ)
Age ??
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Free-lance writer
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Episode 4 Broken Heart Lake Legend Murder Case

A free-lance writer.


Debut- Broken Heart Lake Legend Murder Case.


He is often shown smoking a cigarette. An impulsive character, Itsuki does not hesitate to give people a piece of his mind. Overall a good-natured person who cares for his people.


Hajime Kindaichi: He first met Hajime at the Hiren Lake Resort. Itsuki would ask Hajime to solve some mysteries on behalf of his acquaintances.

Hazuki Mogami: When they met during the Amakusa treasure hunt (Amakusa Treasure Legend Murder Case), Itsuki and Mogami seemed to hate each other. However, Itsuki stood up for Mogami when she was accused of murder. They made up after that incident. It turned out that they were in love with each other. Sadly, Mogami was murdered, leaving Itsuki devastated and furious.

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